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Youth Engagement Project 

Wellbeing Beyond the Bell 
Youth Creative Program for social and cultural connection

Wellbeing Beyond the Bell is a local solution funded by the Victoria State Government and co-created by Mzuri Dance with young people for young people in Yarra. The project provides weekly drop in sessions in Fitzroy for ages 8 - 18 years and has introduced brand new start up sessions in Collingwood and Carlton (10 week programsfor participation of 50 young people in co-led creative and cultural arts activities and excursions supporting meaningful social connection following disconnection and impacts from Covid pandemic lockdowns. 









This project worked with Culture Club Vic Health Project over 2022-2023 and with Fostering Integration Project and Roots and Rhythms 2023-2024 to maximise excursions and performance opportunities for the young people. The project also has worked with and supported the Young Leaders program which forms part of City of Yarra Dance Project for 2023 and played a vital role in maintaining and extending the hours of the weekly sessions at the Florence Peel Centre in Fitzroy over 2023



The project aim to support physical and mental health of children to develop and thrive at their own pace. In partnership with local community leaders; schools, community organisations the program supports young people to participate with drop in  'culture club' sessions at Collingwood, Carlton and Fitzroy Public Housing Estate, as well as attend events and excursions, opening them to real life experiences and to increase social connection and wellbeing.


Youth centred approach

The Wellbeing Beyond the Bell sessions use a strengths- based approach and support building young people’s self-esteem, and sense of self-worth building on their skills and passion's. The activities and atmosphere at these sessions provide a safe and inclusive space to engage young African Australian people in creative and artistic practices to feel free to explore their cultural connections and sense of self through the arts activities including yoga, dance, drumming, art and craft and public performance.  


Activities by Location

Project Highlights 

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