About the
Mzuri Dance ArtisTree Fund


– Mganda Wa Kikuti, Traditional song dance story of Hope, Modorgoro Tanzania


Our Organization

Mzuri Dance ArtisTree Fund Inc is a Melbourne not-for-profit organisation and registered charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status delivering free performing arts, well being and empowerment programs to young people, women and families facing social and economic barriers.  We currently work with Parents and young people living in Yarra public housing estates and the fringes of Melbournes Western Suburbs. 

Our Mission

Our community driven and co-facilitated well being programs, creative programs and community dance and music events foster leadership skills, mentorship and role modelling opportunities, leading to social and economic participation. These opportunities create new pathways for young people and families experiencing marginalisation and disadvantage. We achieve this through co-facilitation with community members, cultural arts, dance, music and story telling to build meaningful social connection and resilience, leading to self -empowerment, dreaming, believing and belonging. 

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Responding to community needs

Watch video to learn about Mzuri Dance Food Relief program over the covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021.