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MSEA Project

MSEA Migrant Strengthening Engagement and Arts

Mzuri Dance Artistree, in partnership with Nurturing African Gen, co-designed and co-delivered a North Richmond project delivered over 2020-2022.
This project was a Victoria State funded program dedicated to building capacity and engagement in the North Richmond community. Our work was community driven and engaged both children and parents of Migrant and East African Australians living in the Estate. 


This program empowered families to increase knowledge and develop strategies to support children’s emotional mental and physical well-being. To up-skill on self-knowledge of physical and mental health for children and themselves, manage stress, develop pathways that strengthen a sense of identity, value, place and belonging in the community, as well as increased and strengthened connection to their local school community and the wider diverse community in North Richmond estate and precinct.

MSEA Project 2022

Mzuri Dance MSEA Holiday Program
MSEA Childrens Program at Moon Lantern Festival
Women's WellBeing program worked in collabration with the MSEA Program, for an overall report click
Click here to meet the Mzuri Dance Artistree team on the team page

MSEA Parent Program  

Forging alongside the Children's Well Being Program we had the Parent's Program's being delivered by Nurturing African Gen to build capacity for families connection to the school community.  Parents and carers collaborated and shared stories and strategies to support their children's learning in the home after and before school and to increase their connection to staff at their local school. 

Feedback included an increased awareness of their children's potential for growth and development through their children's mental health and wellbeing at home and at school. 

Mzuri Dance Artistree was invited to deliver the Parent Program at Abbotsford Primary School as part of this project initiative. More information in the video below. 

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