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Children's Well Being Programs

Children build self confidence and belonging in the world.

Children connect to imagination, culture, and personal identity through new experiences with mindful movement, music, dance and storytelling, increasing their social connections and building on their self confidence and belonging in the world. Children get to know themselves in a creative and safe space, practicing self reliance, team work, leadership and trusting in themselves as they build new skills and see what they are capable of. They are learning to believe in themselves and their own unique idea's, aspirations and dreams.

We currently offer the following programs in schools and community:

  • Creative Workers Project aligned with curriculum and to the school values,

  • 'Beyond the Bell' programs - Life Skills, Dance and Drum, Homework Club,

  • Community Arts Project with a facilitated community performance

  • Playgroup Culture Share Program for neighbourhood playgroups and community groups.

  • MSEA Migrant Strengthening Engagement and Arts Program ( Children's and Parent's Streams)

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