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Nurturing African Gen

Nurturing African Gen is a community based organisation that supports families and their children in Australia. Their mission is

- To empower families to increase knowledge and develop strategies to support children’s
emotional mental and physical well-being.
- To up-skill on self-knowledge of physical and
mental health for children and carers/ parents, manage stress, develop pathways that
strengthen a sense of identity, value, place and belonging in the community.
- To strengthen families connection to their local community.
We achieve this through providing parenting workshops that allows them to learn about different strategies and discuss the challenges of parenting between two cultures, provide engaging fun, cultural and artistic activities for children and their parents.

Partnering with Nurturing African Gen 

Mzuri Dance ArtisTree and Nurturing African Gen formed their first partnership over 2020-2022 for the Migrant Strengthening Engagement and Arts Project in North Richmond. 

The project's positive impact for the community following evaluation and review has forged continued partnerships in program delivery across both North Richmond and the Fitzroy Public Housing Estates in 2023. 



To contact Nurturing African Gen directly please email Apuot Bol CEO, Nurturing African Gen:

0411 671 134

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